About Macaulay

Macaulay Government Primary School is located in the quaint village of Claxton Bay, South Trinidad. Our staff comprises of our Principal Mr. Raymond Surujbally and 19 other members.

Our student population comprises of 265 students. Our school rich with a wealth of talent. Our students have excelled in Sport, Science and Academia rising to the occasion and demonstrating resilience.

Our resilient and adaptable staff have also demonstrated high levels of competency following our thrust into the virtual world of learning. We have availed our selves to workshops and opportunities for growth in the hopes of reaching as many of our students as we all adjust to this new, exciting style of teaching and learning.

Macaulay student Josh Gittens displaying his prize winning Science piece at a recent Pennacool Science event
Our students excelling at District sporting events
Celebrating on a high note, Macaulay's cricket team.